Glenwood, Iowa's 5 star hotel

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Under new ownership

Previously the Western Inn, Hotel Arthur is under new ownership and currently undergoing massive improvements to make this hotel the most comfortable and sought after in Southwest Iowa!

Open now

Hotel Arther is going through some major renovations, but we are still open and keeping guests satisfied. Approximately eight rooms have been totally remodeled and the rest are in progress, but we have plenty available to suit your overnight stays in Glenwood.


From the carpet to the sinks to the square footage, each room has (or will soon have) undergone complete overhauls. Stay in comfort with the most up to date utilities and style trends. And don't worry, we have plenty of rooms open during this renovation!

More coming soon

We're doing big things to Hotel Arthur. Our aim is to make this place nice enough that you would want your mother to stay here. That's of course assuming you like your mother!